Episode 11.1:
Update Guide

Slot Enchant System


The Slot Enchant system is a new system in RO that allows players to add new slots to existing gears. While only certain gears can be upgraded, a variety of new items are available only through the use of this system.

When slotting an item, the item cost and success rate varies based on the type and aproximate rank of the item and you wish to upgrade. The equipment you are upgrading is completely destroyed and you are made a new one in its place should you succeed. This means that any upgrades, cards, or other modifiers applied to the original equipment will be lost durring the enchantment. If the upgrade fails, the items and zeny are completely lost.

Only certain gears can be upgraded, and some items will show different properties than the items you were initially slotting. The full list of slottable items and changes are listed further on.

The following chart represents the success rates of slot enchant based on the rank of the item you are enchanting.

C Rank:25% Success
B Rank:20% Success
A Rank:15% Success
S Rank:10% Success

NPC Locations

The following is a list of locations where slot enchant can be performed. Rumor has it that certain locations may see higher success rates for a particular class of item.

  • City of Prontera: In the upgrade shop. (prt_in 33, 70)
  • City of Lighthalzen: In the equipment shop. (lhz_in02 281,35)
  • City of Payon: Near the forgers. (payon 140, 151)
  • City of Morroc: Just outside the upgrade shop. (morocc 51, 42)

Item Available for Enchantment and Costs

The following is a list of different weapons and armor available to upgrade with the slot enchant system. If an item is not listed here, it cannot be upgraded. Items marked in blue are new items which were previously not available.


Weapon Enchantment
Class Upgrade Cost Required Items Base Item Enhanced Item
C Rank 200,000z 10 Phracon Trident[2] Trident[3]
Rope[3] Rope[4]
Violin[3] Violin[4]
Pike[3] Pike[4]
B Rank 300,000z Chain[2] Chain[3]
Waghnak[3] Waghnak[4]
10 Emveretarcon Lute[2] Lute[3]
Wire Whip[2] Wire Whip[3]
5 Steel Gakkung Bow[1] Gakkung Bow[2]
1 Oridecon
5 Steel
Gladius[2] Gladius[3]
2 Oridecon
5 Steel
Haedonggun[1] Haedonggun[2]
Arbalest[1] Arbalest[2]
A Rank 500,000z 2 Oridecon
10 Steel
Hunter Bow Hunter Bow[1]
Flamberge Flamberge[2]
Stunner Stunner[2]
Claymore Claymore[2]
5 Oridecon
10 Steel
(Int) Survivor's Rod (Int) Survivor's Rod[1]*
Balista Balista[1]
Berserk Berserk[1]
700,000z Infiltrator Infiltrator[1]
800,000z Zweihander Zweihander[2]
S Rank 1,000,000z Gungnir Gungnir[2]
Poison Knife Poison Knife[2]
Sucsamad Sucsamad[1]
Ginnungagap Ginnungagap[1]
Cutlas Cutlas[1]
Crescent Scythe Crescent Scythe[1]
2,000,000z Ice Pick Ice Pick[1]*
(Dex) Survivor's Rod (Dex) Survivor's Rod[1]*

Weapon Changes

Item's marked with a ' * ' are different from their original versions.

  • (Int) Survivor's Rod[1]
    • Has +3 int and +400 HP when slotted (up from +2 INT and +300 HP).
  • (Dex) Survivor's Rod[1]
    • Has +3 dex and +400 HP when slotted (up from +2 DEX and +300 HP).
  • Ice Pick[1]
    • Loses 10 attack power (dropped to 70 from 80).


Armor Enchantment
Class Upgrade Cost Required Items Base Item Enhanced Item
C Rank 200,000z 3 Steel Mantle Mantle[1]
Coat Coat[1]
Circlet Circlet[1]
Biretta Biretta[1]
B Rank 200,000z 5 Steel Mirror Shield Mirror Shield[1]
Chain Mail Chain Mail[1]
Shield Shield[1]
Bongun Hat Bongun Hat[1]
300,000z Saint's Robe Saint's Robe[1]
Silk Robe Silk Robe[1]
Shoes Shoes[1]
Boots Boots[1]
Muffler Muffler[1]
Guard Guard[1]
Buckler Buckler[1]
A Rank 1 Elunium Munak Hat Munak Hat[1]
400,000z Gemmed Sallet Gemmed Sallet[1]
Bucket Hat Bucket Hat[1]
Memory Book Memory Book[1]
Tights Tights[1]
Legion Plate Armor Legion Plate Armor[1]
Full Plate Full Plate[1]
Thief Clothes Thief Clothes[1]
Greaves Greaves[1]
Coif Coif[1]*
Manteau Manteau[1]
Helm Helm[1]
Ninja Suit Ninja Suit[1]
Orc Helm Orc Helm[1]
Ancient Cape Ancient Cape[1]
Monk Hat Monk Hat[1]
Golden Gear Golden Gear[1]
Brooch Brooch[1]*
S Rank 1,000,000z 2 Elunium Sphinx Hat Sphinx Hat[1]
Robe of Cast Robe of Cast[1]
Earring Earing[1]*
Ring Ring[1]*
Bow Thimble Bow Thimble[1]
2,000,000z Majestic Goat Majestic Goat[1]
Spiky Band Spiky Band[1]
Bone Helm Bone Helm[1]
Corsair Corsair[1]
Crown Crown[1]*
Tiara Tiara[1]*

Armor Changes

Item's marked with a ' * ' are different from thier original versions.

  • Coif[1]
    • Gains +100 sp (original has no bonus SP).
  • Crown[1]
    • Gives only +1 int (down from +2).
  • Tiara[1]
    • Gives only +1 int (down from +2).
  • Brooch[1]
    • Gives only +1 agi (down from +2). Usable by 90+ only.
  • Earing[1]
    • Gives only +1 int (down from +2). Usable by 90+ only.
  • Ring[1]
    • Gives only +1 str (down from +2). Usable by 90+ only.

New Items

The following is a complete list of items that become available in game as a result of the slot enchant system. All items function exactly the same as thier original versions with the exceptions listed above.

Dagger Poison Knife[2] Sucsamad[1] Ginnungagap[1] Ice Pick[1]
One-Hand Sword Flamberge[2] Cutlas[1]
Two-Hand Sword Claymore[2] Zweihander[2]
Mace Stunner[2]
Spear Gungnir[2] Crescent Scythe[1]
Bow Hunter Bow[1] Balista[1]
Katar Infiltrator[1]
Fist Berserk[1]
Helm Bongun Hat[1] Munak Hat[1] Orc Helm[1] Monk Hat[1]
Golden Gear[1] Sphinx Hat[1] Majestic Goat[1] Spiky Band[1]
Bone Helm[1] Corsair[1] Crown[1] Tiara[1]
Armor Ninja Suit[1] Robe of Cast[1]
Shield Memory Book[1]
Garment Ancient Cape[1]
Accessory Bow Thimble[1]
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