Episode 11.1:
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Episode 11.1 Quests

Headgear Creation

A series of new npc's exist to assist you in creating new items. The following is a list of the npcs, headgears, and the items required to create them.


Located on the north end of payon, you'll find Chungwolmang. Chungwolmang can create a series of headgears, but before he will offer to make any of the headgears you will have to gather the following items. You do need these items each time you make a headgear.

  • 1 Four Leaf Clover
  • 500 Log
  • 10 Elastic Band

  • Headgears

    Bride Mask[1] : 500 Fabric
    100 Squid Ink
    20 Skirt of Virgin
    2 Ancient Lips
    Hahoe Mask : 200 Mane
    100 Cactus Needle
    20 Memory Bookmark
    Mythical Lion Mask[1] : 500 Horrendous Hair
    2 Ancient Tooth
    1 Orange Dyestuffs

    Han Garam

    Within the Payon Castle, in the first room to the right, you will find Han Garam. If you bring him a full set of Bijou's, he will offer to make you hats. The bijou's need to be brought each time you try to make a new hat.

  • 7 Green Bijou
  • 7 Blue Bijou
  • 7 Red Bijou
  • 7 Yellow Bijou

  • Headgears

    Magistrate Hat[1] : 300 Shining Scale
    5 Cracked Diamond
    1 Black Dyestuff
    1 Hat[1]
    Ayam[1] : 300 Shining Scale
    50 Soft Silk
    5 Cracked Diamond
    1 Scarlet Dyestuff

    Mysterious man

    In the back streets of Rachel, you'll find a person attempting to hide his identity. If you bring him the items he asks for, he can help you hide yours too with the use of the Censor Bar mask.


    Censor Bar : 100 Slick Paper
    99 Sticky Mucus
    1 Black Dyestuff
    100,000 Zeny


    Just to the east of the Rachel main fountain you will find the spirited man Sakjul. He will talk his mind and agreeing with him, he will offer to make the Feather Beret.


    Feather Beret : 100 Soft Feather
    1 White Dyestuff
    1 Beret

    In the city of hugel is the man Ghenirhemin. Ghenirhemin holds a great item, but before he will let you have it you must prove your worth to him. He believes that material wealth is a sign of power, so you will have to show him a large sum of money before he will offer to get you the Valkyrian Helm.

  • 10,000,000 Zeny

  • Headgears

    Valkyrian Helm[1] : 1000 Rune of the Darkness
    1000 Bloody Rune
    1 Sageworm Card
    1 Argiope Card
    1 Dryad Card
    1 Wooden Golem Card
    1 Bongun Card
    1 Pirate Skel Card
    1 Marduk Card
    1 Hode Card
    1 Elder Card
    1 Nightmare Terror Card

    Ice Necklace Quest

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    Cheshrumnir Holy Grounds Quest

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