Episode 11.1:
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Episode 11.1

Ragnarok Online Episode 11 - The Arunafeltz
Part 1: Sacred Precinct of the Holy Goddess

For centuries the Kingdom of Rune Midgard was at peace, learning of the world by studying history and practicing combat arts. But the world began to change.

Previously peaceful co-inhabitants of the world grew more vicious and stirrings of war began to be felt. Adventurers and explorers becan to be called upon in staggering numbers, placing this generation at the forefront of protecting thier country. But not only warriors were called upon, many explorers and diplomats set out to find help the world over.

Recently the Shwarzwald Republic was added to Rune-Midgard's allies, with thier forgotten history and belief that science holds the key to the world's future.

In the West hints of a vast continent, one which only followed the Goddess Freya may lay waiting to be rediscovered. Fearlessly heading west, the explorers found the forgotten continent of Arunafeltz and its Holy capital Rachel.

Episode 11.1 continues the exciting trend of story focused game additions. In addition to the new lands of Rachel, adventurers will be able to explore the frozen depths of the ice cave and the forbidden holy grounds of Cheshrumnir Temple. This update marks the addition of the slot enchant system, where players will be able to enchant previously unslotted items to allow you to slot a card within. In addition, a large undertaking has been had to re-level the world of ragnarok to make leveling a much easier and enjoyable process than ever before.

Take time to read the guide as there is plenty of new and exciting things to do in this installment of Ragnarok Online.

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