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Earthquake Simulator

Welcome to the RO Earthquake Simulator. Use this simulator to calculate the aproximate damage recieved from the earthquake attack.

Keep in mind that when calculating earthquake damage, ranged reduction will only apply if you are far enough away from the MVP. Also, the monster Valkyrie Randgris will always have power up activated when using Earthquake.

Update (07/12/2008):Added Japanese version. It sucks, the spelling is horrible, but it works. ?????????????/English Earthquake Simulator.
Battle Target
Monster Buffs Power Up
Divest Weapon
Distance From Boss
Players In Range
Player Defenses
Defensive Skills Assumptio
Blinding Mist
Kaupe (1 hit only)
Gunslinger's Panic
Skin Tempering
Base Defensive Equipment

Other Defensive Equipment Ghostring Card
Stone Buckler
Holy Robe
Diabolus Manteau
Nidhoggur Shadow Garb


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